Hey winter, bring it on ‘cause I’m dying to wear velvet!

Por Rita Maria António
Let’s talk about FW16.

I’ve been dying for the season to change. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer… big big love actually. Not that I had much summer this year, Paris wasn’t been kind on us. But anyway, that’s not the reason why I’m craving for a season change. It actually all started the day I was checking Prada’s website. Working on shoes, I spend lotsssssss of time watching what’s out there – yeah, it’s pretty much hell. All those wonderful shoes at one click distance… and then you have to Shake it off, Shake it off as Florence says. Ok little detour, back to the point: Prada, Velvet, Sandals. O.M.G.

Ok yeah, so velvet is back BIG TIME! I’d say it’s one of the most exciting winter seasons so far. Those little velvet daring platform sandals (sitting beautifully next to the velvet lace-up boots) told me all I needed to know: Here comes the fun! Here comes the decadence, the glamour, the sequins on daylight, the huge jewellery, the feathers, the leopard print. This season you can have it all! This fall is about indulging.

Just read that Vogue called it on their September Issue “The Fashion Fantastic Fearless Fall”. Validated, confirmed… Yes, it is! Basically, let’s crown Saint Laurent all again. You’ll see a lot of sharp and tailored cuts paired with rich dark colours & prints on opulent fabrics – bordeaux, mate greens, cognac, black (obsly, what’s life without black?), red; on prints and patterns, there will be plenty of brocades and tweet, and for sure leopard will be THE master of all prints. On PAP, the season must-haves are statements jacket – blazers, long jackets, belted jackets, furry ones.. – with a 70’s twist and also military vibes going on. On accessories, velvet is a must for shoes. Also, let’s belt it up ladies! For bags, we have an interesting combo: micro-bags and minimaudiéres (embalished bags are big this season) worn on top of full-size bags! Plus, keep an eye on chunky metal chain bags and plus plus size shopper bags, they won’t let you down this season!

So ladies, after a couple of years holding back, this fall is about celebration and it has certainly a feel-good mood to it. There’s no such thing as evening-only anymore, let’s show those amazing clothes the daylight!

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