Thank you, SS17. We’ve long waited for this moment.

Por Rita Maria António

Before moving into serious matters, I’d like to add a small introductory and profoundly personal note. This might be the most candid post I’ve ever written on fashion.

You see, I remember, in the naivety of my young (younger, some would say) years, to have a sort of internal David vs Goliath debate on which way of dressing I most related to and hence, followed. To my adolescent eyes, there was a clear opposition between the classic style and the trendy one.  The point is, even though I always found the classic most charming, the idea behind it (of compliance, lady-like, women should be left to take a woman place) was completely revolting. The trendy though, it allowed me to shock and shake society. With little awareness of it, I was indeed a teeny-tiny part of a quiet (yet loud) social movement, much larger than I could ever have imagined.

I must start by stating that Louis Vuitton is the brand of the season. Having been given the opportunity to closely follow the development of the SS17 collection, my heart still pounded out of my chest the moment the first girl walked out the fitting room wearing a deconstructed suit. A suit represents no more the need to dress like men to be accepted as an equal. That’s the season’s anthem. To my greatest joy, the classics have return, and they’ve returned in strength. They speak, they’re loud, they say “We are no longer bearing the weight of a gender revolution, we’re taking and occupying our own place. We don’t need to shock you, we don’t need to manipulate our own sexuality to please you. This is us, take it or leave it”. In no way I’m saying there’s no longer gender inequality. Women must keep on fighting. However, being able to draw impact by wearing classics as we wish speaks mountains about the heights we have already reached.

Embracing this season’s new power dressing by wearing a chic paint suit is totally a must. Compared to the precedent season, we can definitely appreciate the change of tone (even though I was having much fun promenading myself on leopard and velvet) to simpler “anything is possible” pieces. But, I mean, Fashion is Fashion, and Fashion needs Drama. So expect to complement the sharp suiting with dramatic oversize Clutch Bags (we’re tired of business bags, they’re boring) and Disco Sandals (been craving those Altuzarra sandals since the day of the show). For mules lovers (myself included), good news! Our fascination for mules will endure and proceed into SS17 (definitely still in this season, let’s show ‘em ankles). And thank god Hilfiger is making a come back ‘cause strips will be in growing demand!!

So long, boring corporate dressing. Good riddance! Power dressing is here to stay. And who defines what power dressing is? We do!

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